How To Teach Your Dog To Talk Using Recordable Talking Buttons

At some point, you have likely noticed your dog trying to communicate with you. Maybe he sees something interesting and barks or whines to get your attention or tries to alert you that he needs to go outside. To make communication easier, training your dog to use recordable talking buttons can be an effective way … Read more

Are Trampolines Safe for Dogs?

When the popular UK department store John Lewis released their Christmas advert for 2016, it featured a trampoline, 2 foxes, a badger, a hedgehog, and Buster the boxer dog. The two-minute advert tells the story of a young girl named Bridget who loves to jump and bounce. Her dad sets up a trampoline in the … Read more

9 Best Dog Sports for Shar-Pei

Sports activities and exercises are an important part of keeping your Shar-Pei healthy and fit. They help to keep your dog’s muscles toned and joints supple and can also help to prevent obesity. We list down the best dog sports for Shar-Pei, so they become more active and less bored. What are the Physical Characteristics … Read more

How To Train For Jack Russell Terrier Hurdle Racing

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small, stocky breed of dog that was originally bred for fox hunting. They are known for their high energy level and their tenacity. While they are not the best athletes in the canine world, they are capable of excelling in many sports and activities. In fact, they have a … Read more

Guide to Buying Mental Puzzle Toys for Dogs

mental puzzle dog toys

Dogs are not only man’s best friend, but they are also one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. A great way to keep your dog’s mind sharp is to give them mental puzzle toys for dogs. Not only will this provide them with a good challenge, but it will also tire them out … Read more

Is It Safe to Use an Automatic Dog Paw Cleaner?

An automatic dog paw cleaner is a device that helps to clean your dog’s paws quickly and easily. It typically consists of a brush or pads that spin around and remove dirt and debris from your dog’s paws. Some also have a built-in vacuum that sucks up the dirt and debris so that it doesn’t … Read more

Best Scents to Use for Scent Work Training

Scent work is a fun and challenging activity for dogs that can keep them sharp and mentally stimulated. It also provides a great way to bond with your dog. The basic idea behind scent work is to use your dog’s natural abilities to track scents to find hidden objects. But it makes you wonder: What … Read more

Help! My Dog Keeps Digging Holes in the Backyard

Why does my dog keep digging? Picture this: Your dog runs around the backyard and starts digging holes all over the places. It’s fun to watch until he begins digging out the plants and vegetables in the garden. With all the diggings, your backyard now resembles the surface of the moon with unsightly craters. So … Read more

How Fast Can A Cockapoo Run?

You’ve probably seen cockapoos running around in dog parks with so much chaotic energy. Their exuberant ways make them an entertaining dog companion. They are balls of energy that can run all day long with reckless abandon. But have you ever wondered how fast can a cockapoo run? Welcome to the cockapoo curious club. After … Read more

How to Set Up a Dog Agility Course in your Backyard

If you’re wondering how to set up a dog agility course in your backyard, this mini-guide will help you get started by discussing the different Dog agility is a popular dog sporting competition that you’ve probably seen countless times on YouTube (since most of us are staying at home). Seeing the dogs go through each … Read more