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Home » Dog Food » Treat-less Dog Training: Can You Train Dogs Without Treats?

Treat-less Dog Training: Can You Train Dogs Without Treats?

Home » Dog Food » Treat-less Dog Training: Can You Train Dogs Without Treats?

Most of us have seen many famous dog trainers use treats, or some sort of reward, to get their dogs to do something or obey various commands. What most people don’t know is that you can train dogs without having to use any type of food or treat. There are many different types of training techniques where you might not need any food at all. But does treat-less dog training work?

This may come as a shock to you because we’ve been told that dogs are more receptive to training when they are given treats as rewards.

Training a dog can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are many different techniques and approaches you can take which could make training your dog much more enjoyable for both of you. Of course, what you’ll bring into the equation is up to you, but one thing that’s not really a variable is how food is used as a reward.

What is Treat-less Dog Training?

There are many methods of training dogs but treat-less dog training is a revolutionary new technique that can solve many dog behavioral problems. There are thousands of trainers who train their pets without rewarding them with treats, and it can be done with any dog.

Not only does treat-less dog training method save money that would otherwise be spent on treats, but it also teaches the dog to respond to commands without expecting any kind of reward other than praise or attention.

Is Treat-less Dog Training Effective?

Yes. With the right approach, dog training without treats can be very effective in dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. While other methods may work for some dogs, they don’t necessarily appeal to others and can cause confusion and distress rather than compliance.

Dogs, just like humans, have their own personalities and individual needs. It’s important to train your dog in a way that’s tailored to their needs and personality type. The “no-treat” style of training helps improve your relationship with your dog while teaching them appropriate behavior.

Many people believe that dogs should be trained with treats and rewards, but the use of food is not always necessary. To train a dog, owners need to understand basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and come. Dogs can be taught these commands without needing to be rewarded with food. When owners want their pets to follow a request such as “sit” or “stay” they must first reward them with an individual attention such as praise or petting.

Who is the treat-less dog training designed for?

This training method is for any dog owner who has:

A brand-new puppy

A dog with behavioral problems

A re-homed dog

A stubborn dog

Any dog

Training without treats can help establish a good foundation for dog obedience. Moreover, it can help eliminate the dog’s worst behavior pretty quickly, if done right. Dogs that undergo treat-less training can become well-trained dogs that behave well in any situation. You can take them to any environment and they will not act aggressively towards people and other dogs or animals.

If you have tried all the other training methods you watched on YouTube or from local trainers and you still don’t see the desired results, it’s about time to try a training method that is not heavily reliant on food and treats.

Chances are you and your dog have become confused with all the conflicting training methods. To remove all the confusion in training, you can try the treat-less training and stick to the program. You’ll likely find positive results because you’ll be guided with clear instructions and activities for your dog.

How long is the treat-less dog training?

According to trainer Anthony Louis, you’ll see positive results in the first session. But training is not something that should be rushed. It will all depend on the dog and trainer dynamics. Progress will be different for each dog. But as the dog learns, you don’t need to wait months or years to see wonderful transformation in dogs.

If you’re really focused and dedicated to the training, you can start seeing a change in your dog in four weeks or less.

Why remove treats in dog training?

Dog trainer Anthony Loius, who specialized in treat-less training, believed that treats get in the way of good dog training. If the training relies heavily on treats and food rewards, the dog will not reach its full potential.

Bad dog behavior checklist:

  • Pulls on the leash
  • Bolts away and run
  • Begs at the table
  • Barks incessantly at everyone and everything
  • Growls and shows aggression to other dogs

If your dog shows one or more of these behavior problems, treat-less dog training is in order.

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