How Fast Can the Afghan Hound Run?

Afghan hounds are among the most eye-catching dog breeds you’ll ever see. With their aristocratic beauty, these dogs are known for their aloofness and dignified behavior. Afghan hounds are typically very active and playful, and they enjoy spending time outdoors running and playing fetch. It makes you wonder how fast can the Afghan Hound run? … Read more

7 Best Dog Sports for Great Danes

Though the Great Dane originated as a hunting dog, Great Danes have gone on to be successful in a number of other roles, including being skilled therapy dogs and service dogs. This article lists the 7 best dog sports for Great Danes. Great Danes have been bred to hunt, which means they need exercise otherwise … Read more

How Fast Can a Great Dane Run?

Great Danes are large dogs that can weigh more than 175 pounds and grow to 30 inches tall at the shoulder. Considering their size, it may be surprising to some people that Great Danes can run really fast. But how fast can a Great Dane run? What’s the Running Speed of the Great Dane? The … Read more

How Fast Can a Belgian Malinois Run?

Belgian Malinois is an athletic dog that was bred for herding livestock. The breed is quick, nimble, and intelligent, making them versatile dogs suitable for canine sports and all sorts of adventures. But how fast can a Belgian Malinois run? What’s the running speed of the Belgian Malinois? Belgian Malinois can run with speeds of … Read more

Can Dachshunds do Agility Sports?

Dachshunds are small, short-legged dogs originally bred for hunting badgers. These long-bodied dogs’ ability to flush out small game makes them excellent hunters. But with their short and stubby legs, you wonder, can dachshunds do agility sports? What is dog agility sports? Dog agility is a competitive dog sport where dogs use jumps, tunnels, weave … Read more

How Fast Can an Affenpinscher Run?

The Affenpinscher is a terrier-like toy breed that was developed in the 1600s for rat hunting in German stables.  Its name is a German word that means “monkey dog” which describes its shaggy appearance around the face and the ears. As the Affenpinscher is good at catching rodents, it makes you wonder, how fast can … Read more

How Fast Can an Akita Run?

The Akita dog is a beautiful, large breed originating from Japan. They are well known for their beauty, intelligence, and loyalty (think of Hachiko). Many people are surprised to learn that this breed can move very quickly, considering its size. Akita is perfect for active people who love the outdoors because they enjoy running in … Read more

How Fast Can a Beagle Run?

A Beagle is a breed of hunting dogs. They are incredibly popular with both hunters and pet owners. They can be easily trained to hunt for prey, but they are also great family pets. But how fast can a beagle run? What’s the Running Speed of Beagles? Beagles can run from 12 to 26 miles … Read more

15 Best Dog Breeds for Scent Work

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. They have the ability to smell a treat hidden around the house or detect specific objects. This amazing skill is what makes dogs reliable scent trackers. In fact, many dogs work as trackers because of their acute sense of smell. But scent tracking is not just for serious … Read more

How fast can a Cocker Spaniel Run?

Cocker Spaniels are wonderful companion dogs for people who want a playful, energetic, and loving pup. The breed originated in England and is believed to have been used for such sporting events as shooting birds and vermin, hunting, and fishing. They are known for hunting game birds, waterfowl, and upland game birds. But how fast … Read more