How Fast Can Pomeranians Run?

Pomeranians are a very popular breed of dog that has been around for more than 100 years. They are a small, furry, and highly intelligent breed. They have been selectively bred to be smaller than many other breeds of dogs, so their size should not deter you from signing up your Pomeranian as a canine … Read more

What are the best dog breeds for Bikejoring?

Dogs and humans have been best friends for centuries. They provide unconditional love, protection and companionship for us, and we give them life with food, shelter and toys. Some people use their dogs as work animals such as herders or to pull sleds. One method of using a dog for work and sports is called … Read more

How fast can a French Bulldog run?

It may never occur to you how fast can French bulldogs run because they really don’t require a lot of exercise and outdoor activities that require running. But how fast can a French Bulldog run? Being a brachycephalic breed, the French bulldog has shortened skull bones which give their face and nose a pushed-in appearance. … Read more

How Fast Can A Cockapoo Run?

You’ve probably seen cockapoos running around in dog parks with so much chaotic energy. Their exuberant ways make them an entertaining dog companion. They are balls of energy that can run all day long with reckless abandon. But have you ever wondered how fast can a cockapoo run? Welcome to the cockapoo curious club. After … Read more

9 Fun Activities for Senior Dogs to Keep Them Entertained

Senior dogs should not stop having fun activities. Playtime should not stop for older dogs. We just need to make activities a little easier for them to do. Remember that they don’t have the same stamina and endurance of younger dogs. Their reflexes are much slower and they don’t move as quickly as they used … Read more

How Fast Can a Shih Tzu Run?

For a small dog breed, Shih Tzu has a surprisingly muscular and solid build. They’re naturally alert which makes them potentially good watchdogs. But, obviously, these little charmers were not bred to be working dogs. Shih Tzu live a pampered life for as long as they’ve existed. So, they have not been known for their … Read more