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Home » Dog Sports » Wiener Dog Racing: How fast can a Dachshund run?

Wiener Dog Racing: How fast can a Dachshund run?

Home » Dog Sports » Wiener Dog Racing: How fast can a Dachshund run?

With their long-backed body and little legs, Dachshunds running aren’t the fastest dog breed in the world. But that wouldn’t stop them from running in a wiener race. Their tenacity and stubbornness give them enough boost to carry them through to the finish line. So how fast can a Dachshund run?

What’s the Running Speed of the Dachshund?

Being a slow-slung and short-legged breed, Dachshunds run slower than their long-legged doggo cousins. But they can run at speeds of 15 to 22 mph (24-35 kmh) in short quick bursts, which is perfect for a short running race. The fastest Dachshund in the AKC FAST CAT Invitational has a maximum speed of 22.17 mph (36.68 kmh). Not bad at all, but they’re no Greyhounds.

How Much Exercise do Dachshunds Need?

It’s important to understand that Dachshunds are an energetic breed. They enjoy regular daily walks and will benefit from some indoor playtime with toys or interactive games. Exercise isn’t just about physical activity; mental stimulation is also important for Dachshunds to stay healthy and happy. Activities such as scent games, obedience training, or long periods of play can help keep them engaged.

The amount of energy a Dachshund needs can vary depending on their age, health status or level of activity desire and should ideally be tailored to the individual pup’s needs. In general, a 30-60 minute daily walk will suffice for Dachshunds to keep them healthy and happy.

Dachshund Dash

Because not all dogs can be Greyhounds, wiener dog racing became a thing. This dog sporting event is popular among dog enthusiasts and draws huge crowds whenever races are held.

The typical wiener dog race distance is 25 or 50 yards. The races are held on different surfaces. It can be on dirt, grass, or turf.

But the races that get the most attention and all the laughs are the informal wiener races where Dachshunds running are not career racers and have no training at all. Some of them don’t even finish the race and just run back to their dog moms and dads. Clearly, they’re only there to have some fun and get extra attention and treats.

Even with short legs, dachshunds are fast at 15-20 mph (24-32 kmh).

Controversial Dog Sports

Dachshund racing is not without its controversy. Because Dachshunds are not built for racing, distance running, swimming, or any strenuous activities, wiener racing is perceived as cruel to the dogs.

The Dachshund Club of America does not support Dachshund racing because the sport can cause injury to the spine. Wieners are prone to back injuries so competing in races puts them at risk. It also encourages breeding for the purposes of racing, which is a misuse of the dog breed.

Alternatives to Dachshund Racing

Dachshunds don’t have to go racing, but they still need their regular exercise. Low-impact exercise like walking is recommended. Don’t allow your Doxies to run up and down the stairs or jump on or off the couch or furniture. Two walks a day would be sufficient.

For an added safety measure, let your dachshund wear a dog body harness when going on walks, hikes, or any outdoor activities. Since dachshunds are prone to spinal diseases, the body harness reduces the strain and pressure on their neck and back.