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Home » Dog Speed » How Fast Can a Pug Run?

How Fast Can a Pug Run?

Home » Dog Speed » How Fast Can a Pug Run?

Pugs are a small breed of dog that is most known for their large, flat faces and wrinkles. They often come in different colors such as black, fawn, silver, and apricot. These amazing little dogs can be very energetic and will chase after anything they see. But how fast can a Pug run?

What’s the Running Speed of a Pug?

Pugs are usually perceived as notoriously lazy, but they can also be pretty fast. Their short legs make them seem like they’re not built for speed, but in reality, Pugs can sprint anywhere from 5 to 21 miles per hour (8 to 34 kilometers per hour). In fact, the American Kennel Club’s record for the fastest Pug runs at a top speed of 21.68 mph (34.89 kmh). The slowest Pug has a running speed of only 5.30 mph (8.53 kmh).

What’s the exercise requirements of Pug?

Pugs are playful animals that need at least thirty minutes of physical exercise which includes running, chasing, and playing. Physical exercises should be done on a regular basis to keep the Pug happy and healthy.

The pug’s small stature is the perfect combination for quick bursts of speed when needed, and their short legs take up less energy in comparison to longer-legged breeds. This makes them perfect for chasing down balls in the backyard!

If you want your Pug to behave, spend some time with your dog each day playing fetch with a tennis ball or throwing a ball across the room for them to chase.


Pugs can’t do strenuous exercises due to their short noses. Their short nose makes it difficult for them to breathe. They can’t pant to expel heat, which is necessary for cooling down after strenuous exercise. Pug owners should never push their pugs to exercise, but instead play games with them to maintain their health. Doctors advise against any strenuous activities because these could cause joint pain or other injuries.

Can I take my Pug for a jog?

Pugs are energetic and active companions. However, not all types of activity are suitable for these dogs. Though they may enjoy running around in the backyard, it is important to be cautious before taking your dog jogging with you. It’s important to remember that Pugs can quickly overheat and could be at risk for heat exhaustion or stroke if they run too long or too fast.

Walking, however, is typically the extent of their exercise routine. Your Pug should not wear any clothing because it could hinder their breathing; instead, find a harness that will keep them close to your body. Make sure they always have water and carry some wet wipes in case you need to clean up after them.

Can Pugs Overheat When Walking?

Yes. While walking during the summer months, it is possible for your dog’s body temperature to exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), which can land your furry friend in the hospital.  So, keep walks short in the summer.

Pugs Cannot Tolerate Heat

Pugs are not tolerant of heat and humidity. They are sensitive to the heat due to their shortened snouts which causes breathing to be more labored, leading to panting or breathlessness. Their fur is one way they are able to regulate their temperature but it becomes matted when it is wet, trapping heat which can lead to fevers. Pugs have a low tolerance for high temperatures and want cool air surrounding them at all times.

The average summer temperature for Pug lovers is 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, with a recommended indoor temperature of 78-82 degrees. This does not mean that they cannot be outside at all, but they need plenty of shade, water, and space to stay cool.

What Canine Sports Can Pugs Join?

Pugs are a playful and curious type of dog who loves to be active. They would be a good fit for any of the following canine sports: Agility, Flyball, and Obedience.

Pugs can be trained for any sport if you take your time with them. Pugs may not be able to do everything but they can enjoy and excel in low-impact dog sports.