5 Dog Sports to Do with Your Dog

No matter the breed, dogs are capable of achieving incredible things in the world of dog sports and dog competition. They can win in top dog sports and come home and be the goofy lapdogs they are. This article will discuss the 5 dog sports to do with your dog. Our dogs are not just … Read more

Dog Sports Training: How to Prepare Your Dog for Sporting Competitions

Dogs and their handlers are dead serious about preparing for dog competitions. In the world of competitive dog sports, dogs are world-class athletes and the handlers are their capable trainers and coaches. It’s important to prepare for sports competitions by proper dog sports training. Just like human athletes, these athletic dogs need to prepare weeks … Read more

Wiener Dog Racing: How fast can a Dachshund run?

With their long-backed body and little legs, Dachshunds running aren’t the fastest dog breed in the world. But that wouldn’t stop them from running in a wiener race. Their tenacity and stubbornness give them enough boost to carry them through to the finish line. So how fast can a Dachshund run? What’s the Running Speed … Read more